“I discovered that the best innovation is sometimes the company, the way you organize a company. The whole notion of how you build a company is fascinating.  When I got the chance to come back to Apple, I realized that I would be useless without the company, and that’s why I decided to stay and rebuild it.”

-Steve Jobs  (from Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs)


Can You Really Think Crooked and Walk Straight?

The above question is about the most fundamental and transformational tool we humans have discovered for creating results—Knowledge + Communication…often seen in the Mental Models we use in our creating.  Too often we make the great mistake of attempting to deal with behavior before we sort out the thinking.  Frankly, if we still thought the earth was the center of the solar system, we wouldn’t have made it to the moon.

I’m confident your challenges are just a clear thought or two away from a fresh step towards a solution.

I am Dr. Fred Lybrand, a co-founder of TrimTab Solutions (a Coaching and Consulting firm, especially in the Energy Leadership sector www.trimtabsolutions.com) and have been speaking publicly since I was 14 years old…stumping for my dad who was a State Senator in Alabama during the George Wallace era.
My background in law, business, education, systems dynamics, and non-profit organizational leadership uniquely qualifies me to address the challenges and opportunities most organizations and individuals in the midst of change consistently face.

I’ve lived in Texas since 1983, and as an entrepreneur, private school co-founder, author, and a father of five (still married after 29 years :-), I am pretty sure I can address the audience with Southern humor, values, and vision.

In Coaching I have three forte’s that seem to consistently help others:

1.  Getting Unstuck (unraveling your mis-beliefs)

2.  Becoming Clear & Confident about an Important Decision

3.  Fresh Solutions to Stale Problems

…BUT…Fundamentally these issues are about Communication.  They are about communication with yourself.  It is quite a curiousity to see people admit that they are not great talking with others, or are worse talking with audiences…but they assume talking to themselves is easy!

THE SOLUTION: Play the game of looking at your problem / challenge as someone else.  How would Rocky Balboa solve your problem?  What about Steve Jobs?  What would Madonna suggest?  How about Einstein?  I find that the most powerful thing to do for someone else is to simply share my thoughts from where our sit…it’s like it shakes up the world and allows a new way to think.  Seriously, a quick path to the mental models we use in creating is to ask and answer the following:

What’s Your Problem?

What would your hero when you were growing up tell you about it?

My recent focus is in unravelling the challenges related to implementing a High Performance Management System (see Richard Palermo, HPMS, Do the Right Things Right, Strategic Triangle).  I’m also convinced that we have consistently missed the ball in dividing Managers from Leaders.  Please accept this gift of an interview my partner (Hermann Eben) and I just completed (Click):

How to Grow a Manager into a Leader

Fred Ray Lybrand
P.S. This video below isn’t perfect quality, but it does underscore our challenge with how we think about things.  This was at a large high school assembly talking to kids about what makes real relationships work.  Relationships are not much different than anything else… they are all about how we think and the systems we employ.

Wake Up Leroy

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