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FRL.politics.2013.bA diverse background creates the opportunity to communicate effectively with a wider variety of people. Dr. Lybrand is an educator, solutions catalyst, theologian, systems specialist, speaker, executive and business consultant, productivity coach, and author. Those who know Dr. Lybrand realize he is a polymath; having near-or-expert status in over 40 disciplines & sub-disciplines. The chief function of being trained in multiple fields (this compares to the also valuable monomath who is specializes in only one field) is to hone one’s problem-solving talent.


Dr. Lybrand’s unique ability is to find simpler answers to complex problems, and communicate complex matters in simpler ways


This especially means Fred Ray is a Communicator…

He says interesting things in memorable ways.

Dr. Lybrand is a father of five who has been married to Jody for over 31 years. Together they homeschooled all of the kids from birth-to-college. As a polymath, Dr. Lybrand has the diverse combination of formally studying law, speech communication, systems thinking, linguistics, writing, theology, marketing, structural dynamics, leadership/management, and human personality.  As the author of 8 books and a number of articles, was the Sr. Pastor in two churches over a 24 year career, and is the co-founder of TrimTab Solutions (an Energy Industry consulting firm), and The Writing Course (a unique curriculum for developing young writers). Dr. Lybrand is currently focusing on the challenging puzzle of human productivity and high performance.  THE ONE SUCCESS HABIT (for Managers) is his newest contribution to help individuals and organizations become more productive without yielding one ounce of being human.  His client list includes the United States Air Force, State Farm Insurance, Valero, Chick-fil-A, Pioneer Natural Resources, Encana, Marathon Oil, Rose & Associates, Protrader, Burlington Resources, AcuFocus, Silver Creek Oil & Gas, Maplewood Investment Partners, and Continental Resources. Most recently he has added a course of study for College Readiness, which covers 9 important skill sets for college success.


A sample of Fred Ray’s distinctions include his Organizational Consultant Certification with Robert Fritz, Inc. (mentor to Peter Senge, MIT-Sloan School of Management) & his “Best of the Best Honoree Award” from the American Society of Safety Engineers for his article on the Transcendent Leader published in the Management Practice Specialty — Click Here for the Article.

Dr. Lybrand is also the author of The Writing Course, Language Instinct Based curriculum for teaching others to write well without knowing the rules of grammar or punctuation. As an educator and non-profit adviser, Dr. Lybrand has served on the boards of a Classical model private school and an International Christian Leadership Alliance.


Additional Certifications & Distinctions:

Kolbe Conative Index (Kolbe Wisdom)

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Organizational Structural Consultant (

Advanced Structural Consulting Program (

Managerial Moment of Truth Instructor (

Creating the Life You Want Instructor (

Think on Your Feet Certified Instructor (McLuhan / Davis)

Wizard’s Academy Writers Workshop

Instructor – Speech Communications – University of Alabama

Management Practice Specialty Honoree – American Society of Safety Engineers



Bachelor of Arts – English Literature/Communication Minor -University of Alabama

School of Law – University of Alabama (1  year)

Masters – (Dallas Theological Seminary)

Doctorate – Applied Theology (Phoenix Seminary)



Hermann Eben

Hermann Eben

Hermann Eben has 40+ years’ experience in Planning & Development, Project Management, Information Systems, Acquisition & Merger, Business Transformation, and Executive Management.

Prior to founding TrimTab Solutions in 1999 with Fred Ray Lybrand, Hermann served in a variety of executive management roles for Pioneer Natural Resources and its predecessors. Pioneer is a large independent, international oil and gas exploration and production company in the United States. During his twelve years with Pioneer he held the titles of VP Corporate Development, VP & Chief Information Officer, VP Special Projects, VP Investor Relations, and he held various other titles in subsidiaries, including Managing Director of Parker & Parsley Development Partners, LP. He was intimately involved with the strategy, planning, development, and implementation of the growth of the company from a $25 million enterprise to a multibillion-dollar entity traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In 1989, he participated with eight other executives in a leveraged buyout of the company from its parent.

Hermann has served in roles requiring detailed analysis, planning, negotiation, and implementation of more than $2 billion worth of acquisitions and divestitures of oil and gas properties. From 1993 to 1996, the roles required more involvement in strategy, technology, and personnel development. During the later years, Hermann was integral in the development of the company vision, mission and goals. He catalyzed initiatives to transform company processes and technology, and pushed for greater teamwork and culture change. Though Hermann never held a formal role in the company’s Human Resources area he regularly contributed his expertise, initiating team building processes and incorporating tools used today in TrimTab Solutions.

His experience before Pioneer was primarily corporate development and planning as well as the evaluation and acquisition of oil and gas properties. He raised funds for acquisitions through presentations to financial and investor institutions throughout the United States. Early in his career he was responsible for the divestiture process that required four data rooms in Australia and two in the United States that resulted in the sale of the Delhi International Oil Corporation for $620 million in 1981.

Hermann has lived in Midland, Texas, since 1983. He grew up in Mesquite, Texas. He graduated from Oklahoma State University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Accounting and a Masters of Business Administration. While at OSU, he was voted All Big 8 in football 1968, 1969 and 1970 and Honorable Mention All American in football in 1970. He is certified as a Business Structural Consultant, an Individual Structural Consultant, a Creating What Matters facilitator, and a Kolbe Conative Index Interpreter.

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