In learning to be effective as a communicator, no matter if it is with others or yourself, it is vital to understand the essence behind this saying.

What do I mean by, “Communication is the Water in the Aquarium?”

Well, think about an aquarium.  It’s loaded with life.  The more exotic ones have corals and sponges and starfish and crabs, not to mention the great variety of neon-colored fish.  In fact, just adding clean water can help the whole tank get healthy:


Change 20% of the water daily for a week. Make this part of your weekly routine, don’t skip weeks. Your fishes health depends on it. Most tap water is safe to use. If you have a marine tank, obviously this doesn’t apply to you. Continually adding new water and removing water will improve your water quality and in turn your fish’s health.

Communication is like the water in the aquarium is a way to realized that we often look at ‘sick fish’ and want to treat them directly…when it is the water that is making them sick.

Healthy water usually means healthy fish.  It is really the same with communication.  Adding a little improved communication every ‘week’ can change everything!

Healthy communication means healthy relationships and more productivity.  But, here’s the rub — you are IMMERSED in the water communication!  It is all around you and constantly affecting everything.

Immersion means that you are unaware, which means you have very little control.

Can you see it?  Isn’t this exactly what communication is about? We are immersed in it & it creates significant harm or health.  The difference is that we aren’t fish, we can do something about the water.

This is the power of communication and why we can be so helpful.  Just like a decent counselor or psychologist, a decent communication catalyst can make all the difference in the world.

We will help you, just stay in touch.

Fred Ray Lybrand

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